Episode 2: Onward and Upward

alex 2022-05-21 1 min read

In this episode, I continue revel in my own cleverness for coming up with the idea of the Unlistenable Podcast. I talk about what it could be, how it will inevitably evolve and change over time, how it could be a framework that would support having more audacious conversations with friends and family members without seeming like a psycho. I talk about how I need to be careful that I don’t push it to far and alienate people by too often asking them to have a somewhat contrived conversation under the conceit of this weird podcast framework. I plan to lean heavily on the notion of, it’s for my podcast, and the dubious credibility that provides, and much less on the part about how no one will or could hear it but us, with the exception of when convincing them to do it in the first place. Plus a lot of tearing of paper directly into the mic. In the podcast I mean. That there was. I sort of lost the thread there.