Episode 11: The Modern Proust

alex 2022-06-28 2 min read

In which I recount how I, as the 21st century Proust, saw a picture of Kid Rock on Twitter, and it sent me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. I explore some of my newfound insights about Kid Rock’s early hip hop career in the early 90s including his extremely clever sexual innuendo.

I move on to exploring some of the more interesting backstories of Eminem’s middle career in the early mid-2000s, and I bring it around to a rather in depth discussion of the 2011 song “I need a Doctor” by Dr. Dre, and it’s strange juxtaposition of pleasing production, with the melodic hook by the female vocalist woven through the song, as was the style at the time, Eminem’s two seemingly heartfelt and vulnerable verses about what his relationship with Dr. Dre had meant to him over the years, before culminating in Dr. Dre’s verse which shows no vulnerability whatsoever and maintains a uniform macho posturing attitude where he essentially praises Eminem for not being like the other people in his career and life who had betrayed him in some way, and which is filled with baffling artistic choices through the lyrics and the video such as outright homophobic slurs which had gone stale long before 2011, the video being essentially a workout montage showing off Dr. Dre’s recently acquired muscular physique, and which is filled with blatant product placement. Truly a unique cultural moment in the early 2010s given the place of Eminem and Dr Dre in the culture up until that point, and which seems to have been forgotten by most people, which seems like an odd thing to say considering the video has 466 million views as of right now on youtube (although ~25 of those are mine probably).