Episode 8: Don't call it a comeback

alex 2022-06-07 1 min read

I didn’t stop recording, I just stopped posting. But now I have a backlog of episodes recorded, and I’m gonna just post on a schedule, every Tuesday and Friday.

In this episode I was drinking alcohol while recording for the first time. I discussed the way that thoughts are so soft and messy, and that speaking them forces you to make them so much more concrete. It’s much like writing in this way, except much less time consuming, although the final product is much less precise.

I then did my rendition of the song “Art is Dead” by Bo Burnham, twice in a row, and rest assured that it was a performance of singular sonic and emotional resonance.

I also touched on how all liqueurs are from France, the degradation of branding on packaging over time that I imagine exists, the dubious proprietariness of liqueur manufacturing methods, and the Ouzo effect.

Then I finished with my initial review of the new season of Stranger Things, in which I posit that Stranger Things isn’t a story show, but moreso a vibes show, and it always has been, and I’m totally okay with that.