Episode 12: Agree to Disagree feat. Josh Rosenberg

alex 2022-08-04 2 min read

My first guest episode!!!

I’ve been waiting a long time to get a guest on the podcast, and this guy was at the top of my list, my friend and colleague and friend, Peyton Manning Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Josh Rosenberg.

We debated the topic for our discussion for a while before landing on the topic “what do we disagree about?” After finding that many potential topics of discussion didn’t really have legs because we see eye to eye on so many fundamental things.

The discussion was shorter than I would have liked but it was a great discussion! I first gave the history of mine and Josh’s relationship, and detailed all the things that I like about him. His very positive and upbeat demeanor, his pathological curiosity, how he always takes into account how others will feel, and how he is merciless when it comes to both work and play, how he just has endless energy for all the things that are important to him in life.

We talked about my the Wire versus Mad Men dichotomy, which led to us both agreeing that we subscribe to the Wire outlook generally. But then we tried to find the areas we disagree on…and ended up agreeing on most of the points that we discussed.

Thanks so much to Josh for being the first guest on the podcast! I had so much fun talking and I’d love to do it again soon!