Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?

Yes, this is a real podcast that I really record. You just can’t listen to it.

Am I real?

Probably. If we were living in a simulation, some plugin would have updated and the whole thing would have crashed by now.

Is this some sort of douchey performance art?

I think it would be a lot more credible for me to say no if this website didn’t exist, but I think the fact that the show is real is somewhat of a bulwark against this concern, which I share.

Are you going to just start releasing episodes at some point?

That seems pretty disingenous, which I don’t want to be, but past me wouldn’t be doing a lot of the things that I’m doing now, so who’s to say? But no, no I won’t.

This is a stupid idea and you should feel bad

Thanks for your feedback, but that’s not really a question.

Alright, well what’s the website for then?

I make a post to this website each time I record an episode with the title and description of the episode, I just don’t upload the file. I also link to the RSS feed here too, which of course doesn’t have anything in it.